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Trainings & Workshops

At Maati Ghar, we empower artisans through skill-enhancing training programs. Our workshops cover traditional art techniques and modern business practices, bridging the gap between heritage and innovation. Join us to support and uplift Jharkhand's artistic community.

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We are dedicated to empowering artisans with the knowledge and skills necessary to preserve and promote Jharkhand's rich cultural heritage. Our diverse range of training programs and workshops encompasses traditional arts and crafts such as Sohrai paintings, Khovar paintings, Paitkar paintings, and Dhokra metal craft. Additionally, we offer training in modern business practices to ensure comprehensive artisan development.

Our training programs are both informative and practical, equipping participants with the techniques needed to create high-quality crafts. Beyond the artistic skills, we provide modules on business management, digital marketing, and sustainable practices, enabling artisans to effectively market and sell their creations in today's competitive marketplace. By joining our training sessions, participants not only refine their craft but also play a crucial role in preserving Jharkhand's cultural legacy. Whether you are an aspiring artisan or a seasoned craftsperson seeking to enhance your skills, Maati Ghar's training programs are your gateway to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Contact Us for any of the following:

1. "Traditional Arts for Skilling (TASk)" Programme: Skill development in traditional crafts: Sohrai paintings, Khovar paintings, Paitkar paintings and Dhokra metal craft

2. "Artisan to Entrepreneur" Program: Business and entrepreneurship skills for artisans.

3. "Digital Artisans" Program: Leveraging digital tools for marketing and selling crafts

4. "Educating Kids in Traditional Arts (EKTA)" Programme: Teaching Sohrai paintings, Khovar paintings and Paitkar paintings to school children

5. Any other as per your requirement

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